US Patent Claims Allowed For PluroGen’s Nano-silver Antimicrobial Technology

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Norristown, Pennsylvania, 30 July 2014

PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc., leading solutions for wound, burn and skin care with its advanced PluroGel® Biomaterial surfactant products, announced today that it received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that new patent claims will be allowed for its Nano-silver antimicrobial technology. PluroGen expects a new patent to issue.

The claims noted by the USPTO that will be allowed cover what the Company anticipates is a next generation antimicrobial technology to be used for products based on PluroGen’s patented Polysaccharide Natural Gel Technology and its patented advanced PluroGel® Biomaterial. Silver has long been used as an antimicrobial material. The advantage of Nano-silver is the silver particles are much smaller than typical silver products which provides much more silver surface area. This increased silver surface area is thought to have the benefit of more effective antimicrobial activity and the possibility of reduction of the amount of silver needed in a product.

“A new patent that will provide protection for a next generation antimicrobial technology will be an important new asset and addition to the Company’s intellectual property portfolio” commented Neal Koller, President and CEO of PluroGen.

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