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Plurogel Burn and Wound


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Product Description


• 100% Water Soluble


– Potential for more continuous availability of the barrier antimicrobial
– PluroGel® and antimicrobial can reach the most difficult areas, where other products may not reach
– Dissolves away more easily potentially offering:

  •  Less crusting or pseudoeschar
  • Faster dressing change
  • Easier dressing change
  • Less painful
  • Less tissue damage
• Uniquely Stays Thick at Body Temperature


– To better stay on the wound

  • Can improve wound protection
• A Uniquely Biocompatible & Cell-Friendly Surfactant


– Cleaning begins at dressing change

  • As clean a wound as possible
  • Improved visualization at dressing change
  • Mechanical debridement with minimal tissue damage


– Maintains blood flow in the very small arteries and veins of the wound
– Improve tissue oxygenation in the wound and around the wound
– Ability to manage biofilm

  • Can prevent biofilm
  • Can break up biofilm
  • Can allow the bacteria of the biofilm to enter PluroGel® to be killed


  • A Cell-friendly, Biocompatible, Surfactant
  • Gentle to the wound – Always cleaning the wound
  • A Barrier – Can help protect the wound
  • Creates and maintains the ideal wound environment for the patient to do the healing


• Can eliminate steps to perform the dressing change
• Can shorten steps to perform the dressing change
• Can reduce the number of products needed
– usually used with only inexpensive gauze and inexpensive moisture barrier cover


• Can be used at every stage of wound healing
• Can use more or less to accommodate wound moisture
• If desired, it can be used with other wound care products


May reduce costs through:
• Speed of application
• Speed of removal
• Ease of application
• Ease of removal
• Reduced clinician time
• Reduction in the use of other products
• Reduced pain


May improve clinician’s control of the wound care process:
• Risk of non-compliance to instructions may be reduced
• Patient outcomes may be improved


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