PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. Enters $126 Million South African Market

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(Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA, 9 October 2013) – PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc., a leader in advanced wound care solutions, announced today that it has entered the South African market with its break-through line of PluroGel® Products, receiving and shipping the 1st order from its new South African distribution partner.

“Entering South Africa opens a terrific market opportunity for PluroGen” commented Neal G. Koller, PluroGen President & CEO. “South Africa is reported to have 52 million people and we estimate the Advanced Wound Care Market, the target market for our PluroGel® Products, could be as much as $126 million annually. Our distribution partner has already initiated relationships with doctors and patients and is working to obtain Regulatory Approval from the South African government. With regulatory approval, the South Africa market provides PluroGen with an excellent opportunity for sales and profit growth.”

For Immediate Release
9 October 2013
Contact: Tricia Thompson
Business Development
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