PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Australia Patent Issued For PluroGen’s Advanced PluroGel Biomaterial

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Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1 July 2014

PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc., leading solutions for wound, burn and skin care with its advanced PluroGel® Biomaterial surfactant products, announced today that it received an Australia patent protecting its advanced PluroGel® Biomaterial products. PluroGel® Biomaterial products’ patent protection in Australia is now extended to 2028.

The newly issued Australian patent protects the key properties of biofilm prevention and dispersion for the Company’s advanced PluroGel® Biomaterial products. Biofilm establishment in a wound is thought to prevent wound healing. PluroGel’s ability prevent and disperse biofilms is a significant performance feature differentiating PluroGel® products and giving them important competitive advantage.

“Obtaining patent protection for our PluroGel® Biomaterial products in Australia is an important forward step for the Company and a great addition to our intellectual property portfolio” said Neal Koller, President and CEO of PluroGen. “This new patent is anticipated to anchor our commercialization plan for Australia as we look to enter this market”. About PluroGen Therapeutics

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